Friday, August 10, 2007

Let's Look Way Back

So let's look way back at how Studio Visuals (which was a dream) came to be. It was just one of my dreams which I envisioned in 1993, when living and travelling in the Middle East and Africa, long before I met Mr Higgins . My travels made me painfully aware of how seriously lacking the Toronto the art scene was. By the time I returned to Toronto it was 1995, by the time recovered from my culture shock of returning to the west it was 1997.
By then Toronto had been blessed with Stella Fakiyesi's SOF Art House, which was in the business of providing cost-efficient studio and darkroom space to photographers and Ken Montague who had Wedge; a photographic exposition in his home. Their spirit added to my growing inspiration.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Passion, People & This Place

Well it is week two of the exhibition, it's been slow and steady and I really love the break from my day job. The main difference is making a connection to people I have never met before, but the similarities are that I can spend hours on the computer searching for information and networking in the Ethernet and in person. The art world is not for the timid that's for sure .Good thing I am passionate about the art, the artists and the business or else I would not have survived for 5 years . Five years is a long time to stay in the same location for an art gallery, and as each year goes by I accomplish more and take in greater amounts of information about the business , but I have to say really helps to have a partner who has been in the business for 30 years to guide you along the way. The other key to my survival is presenting events and projects on my terms, with whom I want, when I want. As the foundation grows I will be able to afford one or two employees, but for now I am really a one woman show with a family and friends that support me. They are down with programme of living out your dreams. I am fortunate to have this place , the passion, the people all I need now is the money and I know that will come.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

More Caribana Art

On Thursday night I headed down to the Distillery District to see MASK This is exhibtion is bringing a new dimension to the festival. The event was presented by the Association of African Canadian Artists which is a not-for profit organization I always knew Toronto was bursting at the seams with young emerging artist from the African diaspora 24 featured artiststo be exact in this exhibtion; including Joy Andre, Anthonly Ade Gordon , Darryl Ballantyne, Philemon Campbell , Sheldon Colthrust, Kwame Delfish ,Sonia Faruharson, Angela Haynes ,Denice James, Sherman Jones, Darrell Mc Call,a Jason O' Brien, Izzy Ohiro, Nicole Pena, David Vasquez, Izzi Ohiro, Sonia Farquharson, Asha Ruparelia, Ken Daley, Cheryl Rock, Melissa Doldron, Georgia Fullerton, , Claire Carew, Tanya Small , Mark Stoddart, Darlene Strong. My personal favourite is Kwame Delfish's painful and solemn "Blue Devil which depicts the Molasses devil a traditional mas character that represents the worst fate of a cane plantation slave one who has fallen int o a vat of molasses . Check out the website

Friday, July 27, 2007

Caribana, Rum & Art in the Air

So here is what has been going down in the Toronto African Canadian Art scene in the over the past week .
Celebration ! opened in honour of Caribana' s 40th year anniversary and is a milestone event for both the gallery and the artist. This year marks the fifth year Studio Visuals has been in business in Corktown and the first time that Joshua Higgins has exhibited his art in giclee format in Canada. The art was exquisitely framed by Farouk our ever supportive framer. The vibrant colours and characters jumped off the canvas.As Stepanie Skrypnyk put it "A refreshing yet spiritual portrayal of Jamaica". The artist Foluke wrote in the guest book "Your work represents the more vibrant side of life and abstracts it complexities". Art of this caliber from Jamaica has never been seen in Toronto before. Joshua has painted on a full time basis for the past 30 years using Jamaica as his studio which he describes as "a violent , dynamic, creative place, which is his muse".
Oh now back to the event ...

Ms Anne Marie Bonner the Jamaican Concil General in Canada (pictured in the photo receiving a gift from Josh and the gallery ) opened the event with words of praise for both Joshua and I .
It was a smashing event with Mento Music in the air . Appleton Rum sponsored the opening event in part with smooth libations and the ever dependable Welsh sisters threw down some wicked platters of food, which were gobbled up by the attendees and washed down with Sunshine Shakes from Ms Joanne Anderson .The past five years and the event could not have taken place without the support of Donna Hansen, Stephanie Skrypnyk, and our talented framer Farouk of Fanak custom frames on Eglinton Ave . Not to mention Corktown Neighbours were out in full force checking out vibe. Check out the website to see pictures of the event and the fabulous attendees
Celebration! will be on exhibit at Studio Visuals at 503 Queen St East , Toronto, Ontario from July 21st - Aug 19th 2007